Newborn Family Photos

In-home newborn family photos happen just once. You worry about what to wear, what to expect, how the baby will be, what the photos will look like, will it be worth the time and money? You’ll never get back this moment with a brand new baby in your home. I’m glad I have photos to remember how little my 23 year-old was. Your baby will change and grow quickly, so you’ll want to have photographs to remember this time.

What Mom Could Wear for Newborn Family Photos

Keep it simple. The main thing is to feel comfortable and relaxed in what you’re wearing.

  • A long flowing maxi dress, sweater, or long sleeved shirt would work well.
  • Choose neutral colors that will compliment each other. Soft neutral tones such as grey pastel, and beige photography well against your baby’s skin tone. Solid colors work best.
  • Avoid tight shirts and any logos on your shirt. You can think about the colors you want to see you wearing in the photograph on the wall. You don’t want anything trendy or too bright that distracts from the baby.
  • Avoid clothes that you’ll have to keep adjusting. You don't want your bra strap needing to be tucked away, or worrying if the shirt is too short to stay tucked in, or the neck line is too low.

What Dad Could Wear for Newborn Family Photos

  • Dads can wear a neutral t-shirt, polo shirt, or button-down dress shirt. Solid colors with no logos look best. He can choose a color he likes best that goes with mom’s outfit.
  • avoid big patterns, logos, and super bright colors.

How to dress your baby

  • A plain outfit usually works the best to go with mom and dad’s clothes. Babies can wear a onesie and anything that is important to you. I have a white, pink, and grey swaddle blanket. If you have other blankets you want to use that’s fine too.
  • Also, I think a simple bare baby is the sweetest thing. I like to photograph tiny fingers and toes. Babies are cute just as they are!


  • For the big brother or sister in the family have them wear a neutral, solid color that blends with the rest of your outfits.
  • Again, avoid big patterns, logos, and super bright colors.

Don’t worry about shoes

  • You can have your photos taken on the master bed, couch, standing by the window, so you don't need to worry about shoes for anyone. Barefoot looks great.

Most of all you will make a family memory with your newborn baby. She will look back at how loved she was in your arms and how tiny she was. In time the photos will become more priceless and meaningful.

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